Skills Handbook 2015/16 - Pre-order (Print Edition)

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The Skills Handbook (Print Edition) can now be pre-ordered at 50% off the retail price.This beautiful bi-annual reference book is a trusted friend for HR professionals, Learning & Development practitioners and government agencies. The full contents will be over 554 A4, colour pages and the 249 articles can be viewed here.

By pre-ordering the Skills Handbook (Print Edition), you immediately receive a free download of the Pre-order Edition (98 pages of content) including the following chapters:

  • Artisan Development
  • Artisan Development - History
  • Artisan Development - Funding
  • NAMB - National Artisan Moderating Body
  • SETA Sector - Grant Regulations, Amended
  • SETAs - Finance & Accounting Services SETA - FASSET
  • Provider Directory

The Pre-order Edition will be updated with additional chapters on approximately a monthly basis, and a new download link will be pushed to you free of charge, until the Print Edition is available and posted to you.

The Pre-order Edition is a free PDF eBook download which can be printed out in full and is available only on pre-ordering the Print Edition.

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