The Agri Handbook 6th Edition (Volume 11 Agricultural Education, Training & Careers)

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The Agri Handbook is South Africa's primary reference book for the agri-food industry. It provides points of reference for all sub-sectors which make up the agricultural value chain. Whether you are a new farmer looking at your options, an old hand wanting to diversify your operations but wondering where to start, or anyone in the agri-food chain, you will find value here.

Available here is Volume 11 of the sixth edition of the Handbook, first published in July 2017 and updated frequently.

  • Version 1.13 (8 November 2018)
  • Each volume ranges between 10 - 50 A4 pages and the page numbers vary with each update
  • Includes Supplier Directory
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  • Printable, searchable
  • Full Colour
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